Jennifer Leonardi began her career as a "shop girl" under Bill Liberty in the early 90's. Fast-forward 20-ish years (she'll never say exactly how long it's been) and she's now the proud owner of Leonardi Tattoo, a private studio in the heart of Sacramento.


Alycia Harr’s love of art began in early childhood with crayons and pens; she developed a world on paper (and sometimes walls) that fed her creative heart. She once loved to travel and work in various cities and countries, as well as work at conventions such as Saipan, Lady Luck, Seattle and Long Beach. Now she enjoys a rich home life in Grass Valley and is currently basing her professional life out of Sacramento. 

Jen and Alycia have a long history together, starting with their early days at Liberty Tattoo and then Leonardi Tattoo for several years. Now they are happy to embark on this new adventure together, joining forces as partners this time.    

Jen and Alycia specialize in large custom pieces and book quickly. To schedule a consultation call the shop or send us an email with a brief description of your idea and we will respond at our earliest convenience.